I’m not sure if I have enough battery power to write about this dental office! Not only does this dentist take care of your teeth and make sure things are taken care of but the atmosphere is what keeps me going here! I’ve become close to these wonderful women that work here and I look forward to coming to the dentist. How many of you can actually say that? For people that see you a few times a year it’s like you’ve spent years with them! What really blows my mind is how fast they are! A one hour photo can’t even compete! You will be making a mistake to not come here? Hope this review helps with choosing to bring yourself or entire family here!
Steve H.

Can I give them 10 stars???? Simple the best! Caring, professional, hard working, painless, willing to accommodate you and professional. I highly recommend this dental practice. If you are considering changing to another dentist…. go to Rothwangl Dental Care.
Marion H.

I took my 4yr old son in today for his check-up. He was so anxious. I didn’t think he’d even open his mouth. But our hygienist was so calm and friendly, he was giggling during his teeth-cleaning and made it through the entire appointment – the cleaning, flossing – everything! I would most definitely recommend this office for adults and kids!
Alicia P.

Dr. Rothwangl is the best dentist I’ve ever had!! I’ve had many dentists over my 50+ years of life, and Christiane Rothwangl is exceptional!
The way she repairs teeth with such precision and attention to every detail, makes it so there is only one appt to fix a broken tooth! And to top it off, makes sure the patient is comfortable and not in pain. I recommend her to everyone!!
Deb A.

Let me start by saying I hate going to the dentist, makes me very un-easy the staff from administrative team to the doctors themselves are simply the best. I can not say enough about how comforting and knowledgeable and caring this team from top to bottom are. If you’re looking for the best dentist in New England and yet want to be treated with white glove treatmentthen this is the place. Thank you to all the staff, you guys are amazing!
Bryan C.